July 2024 Newsletter

  • Green Bond Issuance Up as Investors Become More Environmentally Conscious
  • Interest Rate Trends 

June 2024 Newsletter

  • Fed May Not Cut Rates This Year
  • Cricket Anyone

May 2024 Newsletter

  • Fed Rates Held Steady, Municipal Bond Issuance on the Rise
  • Interest Rate Trends 

April 2024 Newsletter

  • The Child Victims Act and Its Impact On New York State School Districts
  • Interest Rate Trends 

March 2024 Newsletter

  • Two Savings Opportunities For Outstanding Debt 

February 2024 Newsletter

  • Market Conditions Present Opportunity for Debt Defeasance 
  • Interest Rate Commentary

January 2024 Newsletter

  • Citigroup to Exit Muni Business
  • Interest Rates Continue to Drop

December 2023 Newsletter

  • Fed Governors and Economists Speak  out as 2024 Beckons

November 2023 Newsletter

  • Fed Stands Pat on Interest Rates Again
  • Duggan Goes for Two! Completes Chicago and NYC Marathons

October 2023 Newsletter

  • Uptick in Monthly Muni Bond Volume
  • Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged

September 2023 Newsletter

  • September 29th Deadline for School Districts to File SA-139s for Building Aid Fast Approaching

August 2023 Newsletter

  • S&P Releases Mid-Year Outlook
  • US No Longer AAA with Fitch

July 2023 Newsletter

  • Mike Neumeister – In Memoriam
  • Fed Holds Rate in June, Hike Expected for July

June 2023 Newsletter

  • Arbitrage Opportunities with Tax Anticipation Notes
  • Cybersecurity and Potential Impact on Credit Ratings

May 2023 Newsletter

  • Tensions Remain High Ahead of this Week’s Fed Meeting
  • Takeover of First Republic By JP Morgan Chase Settles Market Jitters

April 2023 Newsletter

  • Fallout From Silicon Valley and Signature Bank Collapses
  • April 30th ARPA Report Deadline Looms

Special Bulletin 2023

  • Bank Failures Stir Investor Concerns

March 2023 Newsletter

  • Market Uncertainty Continues to Challenge Issuers in Early 2023

February 2023 Newsletter

  • January Debt Issuance Off from A Year Ago
  • SLGS Window Stays Open Despite Ceiling Issue

January 2023 Newsletter

  • 2022 Capital Markets Review

December 2022 Newsletter

  • Changes to Moody’s Rating Methodology for Municipalities
  • Market Delivers Early Gift for Issuers

November 2022 Newsletter

  • Market for Green Bonds Rapidly Expanding
  • Fed Raises Rates 75 bps Yet Again

October 2022 Newsletter

  • Moody’s Continues Rollout of Credit Impact Scores (CIS) for New York Credits
  • Interest Rates Move Dramatically Higher In September, Then Stabilize

September 2022 Newsletter

  • Seasonality in Bond Issuance

August 2022 Newsletter

  • Rates on the Move: Another Historic Federal Reserve Rate Hike
  • Change to Lease Accounting Standards
  • Increased Demand for Tax Exempt ETFs… A Positive Sign for Municipal Issuers

July 2022 Newsletter

  • May’s Rate Volatility Persists into June
  • CMA’s Roy McMaster Soars off into the Sunset!
  • The Fed’s Historic 75 Basis Point Interest Rate Increase… and the Expected Results
  • Blockchain: The Future of Capital Financing?

June 2022 Newsletter

  • Rates Fall to End May: A Deviation from Prior Months’ Trend
  • New York State Issuances Lead the Nation for the Calendar Year Through May
  • Market Supply and Demand: The Outlook for Municipal Debt

May 2022 Newsletter

  • CMA Celebrates 20 Years…and counting
  • Interest Rates Continue to Climb as the Fed Bumps Rates 50 Basis Points

April 2022 Newsletter

  • CMA’s Third ARPA Webinar a Success
  • Moody’s Upgrade of Bond Insurer Assured Guaranty Triggers Event Notice
  • Interest Rates Continue Their Meteoric Climb

March 2022 Newsletter

  • CMA to Co-Host Third ARPA Webinar
  • Use of Bond Insurance Likely to Rise with Rates

February 2022 Newsletter

  • Interest Rate Update

January 2022 Newsletter

  • American Rescue Plan Act – Reporting and Accounting Update
  • Did Your TIC Go Up After You Sold Bonds? Not Really

December 2021 Newsletter

  • Interactive Information Portal Provides Best Practice Transparency for ARPA
  • CMA to Co-Host Second ARPA Webinar Ahead of January Filing Deadline

November 2021 Newsletter

  • US Senate Bill Seeks to Ease Use of Virus Funds
  • Come on, Eileen!

October 2021 Newsletter

  • NYS GFOA Holds American Rescue Plan Seminars
  • Infrastructure Bill Could Impact Muni Bonds

September 2021 Newsletter

  • Local Municipalities to Benefit from Record Investment Returns in State Pension Fund
  • NYS Education Department Extends Deadline for ARPA Filing

August 2021 Newsletter

  • NYS Extends Filing Deadline to August 11th for Non-Entitlement Units under ARPA
  • ARPA Funds – Reporting Requirements and Revenue Loss Calculation

July 2021 Newsletter

  • CMA Conducts Webinar on American Rescue Plan Act
  • High-Yield Debt Providing Strong Returns for Investors

June 2021 Newsletter

  • Is it Time to (Re)consider Solar?
  • Debt Issuance Volume Up from 2020

May 2021 Newsletter

  • Moody’s Releases New ESG Rating Methodology

April 2021 Newsletter

  • Strategic Planning and The American Rescue Plan Act

March 2021 Newsletter

  • Interest Rates on the Rise
  • Municipal Water System Hacked

February 2021 Newsletter

  • Moody’s Changes School District Rating Criteria

January 2021 Newsletter

  • 2020 Public Finance Rankings
  • Long Term Financial Planning in 2021 and Beyond

December 2020 Newsletter

  • S&P Provides Its Global Credit Outlook for 2021
  • In Memoriam – Charlie Schachter, Esq.

November 2020 Newsletter

  • ESG Bonds on the Rise
  • COVID-19 Spurs Broadband Infrastructure Growth
  • Rise in Supply in Run-Up to Election
  • Nassau School Districts Issuing More TANs

October 2020 Newsletter

  • CMA’s Roy McMaster Inducted into Soaring Hall of Fame
  • Credit Concerns Resulting from COVID-19
  • NYS Comptroller Update on Sales Tax Collections

September 2020 Newsletter

  • Aid to School Districts Cut by 20%
  • More Deficiency Notes on the Horizon?
  • New State Legislation Provides Financial Relief
  • Multiyear Planning in These Challenging Times

August 2020 Newsletter

  • June 2020 State Tax Receipts Down 17.3%
  • School Districts SA-139 Filings Due by October 1, 2020
  • Issuers Secure Lowest Bond Rates in History

July 2020 Newsletter

  • State Budgeting in the Time of the Pandemic
  • Refunding Anyone?

Special Bulletin II 2020

  • Issuers Must Not Rely on DTC for Debt Service Payment Reminders

June 2020 Newsletter

  • Investment Yields All But Eliminate Taxable Refundings
  • Additional Financial Flexibility Proposed by State Legislature

May 2020 Newsletter

  • Virus Expected to Bring Increase in Cashflow Borrowings
  • Fed Eases Eligibility for Municipal Liquidity Program
  • Few Voluntary Coronavirus Filings on EMMA
  • Municipal Market Data ‘Aaa/AAA’ Yield Curve

April 2020 Newsletter

  • Muni Market Marked by Extreme Volatility and Few Buyers
  • Deficiency Notes an Option for Cash-Strapped Issuers
  • DTC No Longer Taking Physical Delivery of Securities
  • Feds and State Officials Step into the Fray
  • Implications to Municipal Credits Resulting from Virus Crisis

Special Bulletin 2020

  • Extreme Market Volatility as Levels Sought by Investors
  • Treasury Market Impacted by Equities Plunge

March 2020 Newsletter

  • Disclosure and the Corona Virus
  • Virus Fears Drive Rates to Record Lows

February 2020 Newsletter

  • Vast Majority of School Districts to Stay within Cap
  • Interest Rates Fall as Chinese Slowdown Likely

January 2020 Newsletter

  • 2019 Market Trends

December 2019 Newsletter

  • Market Awash in Debt Offerings with Taxable Debt Way Up
  • Economists Predict Fed Likely to Stand Pat in 2020

November 2019 Newsletter

  • Climate Risk Is Real to Credit Rating Agencies
  • CMA’s Eileen Duggan Does Us Proud, Again, at 2019 NYC Marathon

October 2019 Newsletter

  • Test Wires Confirm Authenticity of Wire Instructions

September 2019 Newsletter

  • School Districts’ SA-139 Filings Due by October 1, 2019
  • Diana Castaneda Joins CMA as a Vice President

August 2019 Newsletter

  • Open Auction Bidding on Bonds Coming to NYS
  • First Fed Rate Cut Since 2008

July 2019 Newsletter

  • 2019 First Half Industry Leaders
  • Janet Morley to Head CMA’s Hudson Valley Office
  • Recent Changes to SEC Oversight

June 2019 Newsletter

  • Trump Tariffs Push Fed Closer to Cutting Rates

May 2019 Newsletter

  • Closed SLGS Window Requires Open Market Bidding
  • The Bob Kerr Memorial Scholarship

April 2019 Newsletter

  • FY 2019/20 New York State Budget Approved

March 2019 Newsletter

  • Rick McCarthy of Environmental Capital Joins CMA

February 2019 Newsletter

  • Amendment to SEC Rule 15c2-12 (Continuing Disclosure) Effective February 27, 2019

January 2019 Newsletter

  • 2018 Industry Leaders
  • DTC Requires Additional Paperwork
  • Debt Issuance Drops in 2018
  • Interest Rates

December 2018 Newsletter

  • Long Island City a Winner in Amazon HQ2 Competition

November 2018 Newsletter

  • Fiscal Strength of All 50 States Measured

October 2018 Newsletter

  • Advisors to Secure CUSIPS on Competitive Issues
  • FOMC Raises Rates for 3rd Time in 2018

September 2018 Newsletter

  • SEC Adds Two More Events That Require EMMA Filings
  • Recent Legislation Supports Bank Demand for Municipal Bonds
  • Promotions at CMA

August 2018 Newsletter

  • Economic Growth Translates into Higher Credit Ratings
  • Hudson Valley Moves Offices

July 2018 Newsletter

  • Continued Trend Towards Single-Rated Issuances

June 2018 Newsletter

  • Latest Effort to Bring Back Advance Refundings

May 2018 Newsletter

  • Bob Kerr – In Memoriam
  • Alternative Call Provisions and Structures

April 2018 Newsletter

  • Upgrades Outpace Downgrades for Third Consecutive Year
  • Municipal Fleets – When to Buy, Lease, Sell and Replace?

March 2018 Newsletter

  • Muni Debt Issuance Declines
  • Fed Chief Hints at More Rate Increases

February 2018 Newsletter

  • Advance Refundings: Going, Going, Gone!
  • 2017 Industry Rankings
  • Mitigating Fiscal Stress Through Strategic Planning

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